What I’m About

I want to help people realize the importance of sex and cannabis in their lives. My mission is to spread positive messages about both and cultivate a community built on respect, the development of safe, judgement-free spaces for exploration, and the teaching and practice of enthusiastic consent.

I left my career in fashion and luxury lifestyle marketing to focus my attention on helping people achieve real happiness. I was tired of using my marketing expertise to sell shoes and pricey makeup, I dedicated my craft to the uplifting of sex and cannabis. In four short years, I’ve helped destigmatized the “sex club” creating a utopian oasis for explorative influentials. I am currently focused on fighting against sex education censorship on Instagram and expanding the New Society for Wellness into new cities.

There’s no doubt that many in the sex-positive scene would still like to see Saynt fail. But railing against Saynt’s particular brand of flashy sex positivity is futile. That’s because he has proven over and over again that he can power through drama and criticism all the way to the bank.
— Alden Wicker, Quartz


Professional History

  • 2003 - Launched one of the first fashion blogs (FashionIndie.com). Reached 5M readers making us more read than Vogue.com. Hosted world’s longest fashion show across Brooklyn Bridge. Championed young designers and became friends with a lot of Project Runway folk.

  • 2010 - Became CMO of Rebecca Minkoff. Put Leandra Medine on the runway. Partnerships with Instagram, Snapchat and Google. Positioned brand as a social media innovator. Took revenue from $5M to $36M in two years.

  • 2012 - Launched Socialyte.co, the first influencer casting agency. Reach $13M+ in revenue in four years. Signed over 100 talents and developed partnerships with Burberry, Apple, Marc Jacobs, and COTY.

  • 2014 - Socialyte mergers with NYLON Media. As Dir. of Digital take Nylon.com traffic to 6M monthly readers. Increase digital revenue by 350% in one year. Innovation wins me first AdWeek Award.

  • 2017 - I say “fuck it” and come out as the founder and Chief Conspirator of NSFW after two years of slowing building. Naughty events I used to host at my apartment for fun become front page news and thousands flood our website to apply. Membership grows rapidly and I become a go-to resource for those looking for what’s next in sex and cannabis.